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What Happens At Bootcamp?

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"My team and I are 100% committed to turning you into nothing short of a marketing machine."

- Head "Drill Sergeant"

David Sharpe 

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WEEK 1: How To Make The Perfect Offer

There's ONE REASON you've not had the success you desire... you simply don't know how to position what you're selling so it's irresistible to your target customer. We'll show you how!

When you enroll today you’ll start bootcamp at the beginning of the next month and you’ll experience it LIVE with other marketing trainees and lead by David Sharpe and our team of experience marketing "drill sergeants". 

Each day we’ll hold you accountable and give you the exact steps to take to get your business prepared for "business war"... and most importantly - victory.

If you miss a day or want to review something you can watch the replays and access everything through your own private members area  23 hours a day.

No more signing up for things to just "look around". 

It's time to finally win.

Here's how Bootcamp will play out:

WEEK 2: How To Build The Perfect Funnel

There's ONE PERFECT FUNNEL for every TYPE OF BUSINESS. We'll show you which one it is and walk you through setting it up, writing the copy and getting it live!

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WEEK 3: How To Write The Perfect Emails

Studies show 80% of sales come after five (5) follow-up attempts and email converts 2x higher than cold calling (who wants to cold call anyway!). We'll show you how to write POWERFUL copy for your business and set-up all the email follow-ups so they're locked and loaded!

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WEEK 4: How To Place The Perfect Ads

FB is the hottest advertising platform on earth right now so we'll show you CLICK-BY-CLICK how to launch your first ad - or your best ad - so you can ensure you get results and stay compliant!

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The END RESULT? You're Fully Functional Business 

Set-Up, Launched and Getting REAL RESULTS.